Medicaments and Endodontic Products

2,5% Sodium Hipochlorite

2,5% neutralized sodium hipochlorite aquoeus solution.


According to Buckley´s formulation.


Disinfection liquid for use in root canal therapy.

Edta plus

Liquid Chelating agent for the chemical reaming of root canals.


Root-canal filling material with dexamethasone and hydrocortisone for the permanent sealer of root-canals.


Chelating agent in gel for the chemical reaming of root canals.


Mild analgesic possessing an antiseptic activity. It reacts with the wound secretion and fatty acids into free Iodine to form, an active germicide by combination with proteinic substances.

2% Chlorexhidine Aqueous Solution

Irrigant solution for root canal therapy with antibacterial effect.