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Company overview

Pharmadent established in 1985 and located in Uruguay, manufactures and markets infection control, preventive, topical anhestetics, alloys, temporary filling materials, endodontic and laboratory products for the dental proffesionals.

Pharmadent infection control line of products provides dental professionals with effective sterilant, surface disinfectants, instrument cleaners/disinfectants, hand scrub, ultrasonic solutions and vacuum line cleaning agent.

The preventive line of products includes fluorides for In-office, prophy pastes, etching gels, caries control, disclossing agents and scaling solution.
Pharmadent is commited to developing new products to serve the changing needs of dental proffesionals for today and tomorrow.



The mission of Pharmadent is to be a recognized company in the dental marketplace through the development, manufacturing, and effective marketing of innovative, high quality infection control, preventive and cosmetic dental products.

We strive to anticipate the changing needs of dental proffesionals by fostering a customer centered company culture, and we owe much of our success to our dedicated employees.