Dental Waterlines

Sterifilm & Sterilaqua Plus*

Innovative solutions for DUWL infection control

Security for the patient and the dental team

Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWL) are offen contaminated by microorganisms. These microorganisms multiply rapidly in the tubing wall, creating a biofilm that brings an important contamination in the treatment water. Contaminated water includes human pathogens as

Leigionella pneumofila, Pseudomona aeruginosa, Mycobacterium spp. y Candida.

Doctors and the auxiliary staff are continously exposed to the turbine spray and significatives subgroups of the population have also raised risks, including inmuno-depressive pacients, pregnant woman and elders.

A new and revolutionary combination of Biofilm Remover and Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, allows to radically simplify dental unit waterline maintenance, ensuring water quality according to American Dental Association goal.

The systematic use of Sterifilm and Sterilaqua Plus* is a great step ahead and offers an efficient and exclusive way of keeping DUWL´s clean.

Simply apply Sterifilm following the instructions attached to the product and leave for 2 hours. Sterifilm penetrates and removes the biofilm, eliminating the microorganisms and removing the organic contaminants.

Rinse and fill the bottle with tap water and add the necessary quantity of Sterilaqua Plus*.

Sterilaqua Plus* prevents the formation of biofilm into the tubings maintaining the dental water < 200 ufc/ml. While Sterilaqua Plus* is working, it also liberates into the water ingredients that helps to avoid the formation of biofilm and contaminants.

In addition, the low concentration of ingredients did not harm in any way your patients, staff or equipment.

Now you have Sterifilm and Sterilaqua plus to rely on, knowing that your DUWL maintenance protocol is not simple and efficient, but moreover safe.